About MFM Campus Fellowship


First, all glory to the Almighty God, the El – Shaddai who gave birth to the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries of which MFM Campus Fellowship is an off shoot.

We say a big thank you to our Daddy in the faith and our Mummy in the faith Dr. and Pastor Mrs. D. K. Olukoya for their vision in establishing the MFMCF and their unending support and prayers for the campus ministry and the success we have recorded so far in MFM Campus Fellowship.

Historical Background

MFMCF is an arm of MFM Ministries, whose focus is to evangelize Institution of Higher Learning in Nigeria and beyond in line with the tenets & beliefs of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries; with a view of raising God fearing soldiers for the Lord in our tertiary institutions in this end time. This God has helped us to achieve through the preaching of the sincere word of God for godly living and character building, coupled with the power of winning prayers to bring healing, holiness and deliverance upon God’s people on our campuses.

MFM Campus Fellowship was officially established in 1997.  Pastor Tayo Adetunji now a senior Regional Overseer was the supervising and coordinating the department then. Sister Funmi Eromoseh was the youth/campus administrator. However, in the year 2006, Pastor Bishi Joseph was asked to continue with the leadership which he held until January 2011.  Pastor Abraham Paul (Efiyin funoluwa!) took over until February 2016 before handing over to Pastor Mrs Fadeke Olaitan (Mummy R. O) who took over briefly before passing the baton to the present coordinator Dr. Aaron Akinloye in October 2016.

From inception of the fellowship till date a lot of innovations and development have been realized. As at today at the National level, we have the National Executives led by the National Coordinator reporting directly to our Daddy in the faith, The General Overseer, MFM WORLDWIDE.  The executives include;

  1. Administrator / National Co-ordinator
  2. Campus Fire Storm Co-ordinator
  3. Corpers / Post graduate Co-ordinator
  4. Evangelism Co-ordinator / Secretary
  5. Transport / Praise Worship Co-ordinator
  6. Visiting Members
  7. Newly co-opted members of the National body.

At the regional level, we have;

  1. Regional Co-ordinator in various regions, reporting directly to the Senior Regional Overseers, Regional Overseer, Assistant Regional Overseer and to the National Body.
  2. State Co-ordinators
  3. Corpers / Post graduate Co-ordinators.

At the Campus Fellowship level, we have:

Campus Presidents, Vice presidents, Sisters Co-ordinators and other members of the executives and members of the fellowship.

As at 2006, MFM Campus Fellowship nation-wide had risen to 69, now we have over 148 fellowships across the nation and more are coming up. In those days the regions were few but now the regions have grown in number and we have newly created regions, so the task is enormous.


National Programmes:

MFMCF Regional Co-ordinators Retreat.

  1. The First of its kind was declared opened by our mummy in the Lord, Pastor (Mrs.) Shade Olukoya, with the kind permission of our Daddy.
  2. The Second Edition was declared opened by our Daddy in the Lord, Dr D.K. Olukoya
  • YEAR: 17th – 19th October, 2008
  1. The Third Edition was declared opened by our Daddy in the Lord, Dr D.K. Olukoya
  • Theme: RE-BRANDING MFMCF for the next level.
  • Year: 17th – 19th July, 2009 – And we are still in the rebranding process.
  1. The Third Edition was declared opened by our Daddy in the Lord, Dr D.K. Olukoya

Youth / Campus Conference & Retreat

  1. First Edition – Theme: Power need of the Hour. 20th – 22nd December, 2004. Venue: Supreme Education Foundation High School, Magodo.
  2. Second Edition – Theme: Daniels Band. 18th – 20th December, 2005. Venue: Supreme Education Foundation High School, Magodo.
  3. Third Edition – Theme: Success Dynamics. 15th – 17th December, 2006. Venue: Prayer City
  4. Fourth Edition – Theme: Grace for Exploits. 18th – 20th December, 2007. Venue: Prayer City
  5. Fifth Edition – Theme: Re-positioning for greatness. 17th – 20th December, 2008. Venue: Prayer City
  6. Sixth Edition – Theme: Encountering the God of Elijah. 19th – 22nd December, 2010. Venue: Prayer City

Activities of MFMCF in Recent Times

Books Available: we started by giving out hand out to our students on campus, to be used as bible study outline. Then we graduated to printed copies.

  1. Bible Study Outline
  • First Edition – Titled: Bible Study Outline.
  • Second Edition – Titled: Overcoming the Works of the Flesh.
  • Third Edition – Titled: Dealing with Jezebel Spirit on Campus.
  • Fourth Edition – Titled: Spiritual Discipline and Integrity.
  • Overcomers Search the Scripture manual titled “THE DYNAMICS OF SUCCESS”
  • Re-branded pull-out hymns for MFM Campus Fellowship.
  1. Books focused on training for our campus leaders, to keep them in tune with the vision of God for the ministry.
  • First Edition of MFM Campus Fellowship Leaders Guide. (Volume 1)
  • Second Edition of MFM Campus Fellowship Leaders Guide. (Volume 2)

Campus Fire Storm Crusades

This is a Three days programme aimed at pulling down strong holds winning souls for the God on our campuses.  The programme usually runs as follows:

  • First Day – Who needs Deliverance?
  • Second Day – Breaking Curses and Covenants.
  • Third Day – Dealing with Witchcraft.

Several Schools have benefitted from the programme including:

  1. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state – G.O. Ministered
  2. AOCOED Campus Fire Storm Crusade – G.O. sent ministers & ministered on the last day
  3. Yaba College of Technology Crusade – G.O Ministered
  4. B.U Zaria – Ministers sent by G.O. from the Head quarters
  5. Osun State Polytechnic, Iree Crusade, G.O sent ministers
  6. LASU, Epe Campus Fire Storm Crusade – G.O. sent Ministers
  7. LASU Ojo Crusade – G.O. Ministered
  8. Obafemi Awolowo University Crusade – G.O Ministered
  9. University of Lagos – Prayer Programme
  10. University of Ado Ekiti Campus Fire Storm Crusade
  11. University of Ilorin Crusade
  12. University Of Ibadan (Stadium) Campus Fire Storm Crusade
  13. University of Benin Campus Fire Storm Crusade



The General Overseer launched a special vision tagged the 3M’s agenda which is an acronym for Mission, Motivation and Marketing

THE VISION: Is the blueprint given by the General Overseer of MFM, Dr D.K. Olukoya ie the 3m’s Agenda.

  1. Mission
  2. Motivation
  3. Marketing

OUR MANDATE: It was clearly spelt out; during the 2009 regional retreat i.e. Rebranding MFM Campus Fellowship for the next level. We are still on the rebranding process. MFMCF has a mandate, a goal and it is to move to the next level. For us to do this, we must as a matter of necessity rebrand. This takes us to rebranding agenda by Dr D.K. Olukoya.

Rebranding Agenda is as follows;

  1. Environmental Upgrading
  2. Empowerment to Open Website
  3. Decoration of our Meeting Place
  4. Moderate and Decent Dressing
  5. Organization of Welcomers’
  6. First Timers Pack
  7. New Look Banners
  8. Advertisement and Promotion of our Campus Fellowship
  9. Meeting the needs of the needy e.g. Food, Clothes etc
  10. All Campus Fellowship must organise Regular Deliverance

3m’s Motivational Agenda

The following were introduced by our Daddy in the Lord, Dr D.K. Olukoya to encourage students on campus.

  1. Food stuff Distribution i.e. Bags of Rice
  2. Buses given to several Schools in Nigeria
  3. Public Address System given to improve our worship services.
  4. Award of Excellence (First Class Awards & Integrity Awards)
  5. Scholarships to students on campus.

Special Programmes (Introduced by G.O. for 3m’s Agenda)

  1. Dr D.K. Olukoya Academic Award of Excellence

This is an award given to members of MFM Campus Fellowship or members of MFM in schools which have no Campus Fellowship that graduated with First Class Honours from any tertiary institution worldwide. The First Edition took place in January 2010 at the Power Must Change Hands programme and 19 recipients were awarded across the country and beyond. They were presented car keys by Pastor (Mrs.) Shade Olukoya.

The Second Edition took place in May 2011 power must change hands programme (PMCH) and 15 recipients were awarded with a brand new Cherry QQ3 & QQ6 cars presented by Pastor (Mrs.) Shade Olukoya.  The recipients included candidate who studied in Ghana, United Kingdom and Dublin in Ireland.

The Third Edition took place in May 2013 at the PMCH Programme with 77 recipients receiving an gift of N500, 000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) cheque from the General Overseer.

The Fourth Edition took place at the July 2015 PMCH Programme with over 120 recipients awarded with cash prizes of N500,000,00 and N300,000.00.  That Fourth Edition was supplemented at the August 2015 PMCH Programme to include more eligible candidates who applied.  This Edition also included awards for Distinction Candidates of Higher National Diploma from Polytechnics across Nigeria (recipients of N300, 000.00) and abroad.

  1. D. K. Olukoya Integrity Award

This award was introduced by our Daddy in the Lord, to encourage students on campuses and youth churches / assemblies to always stand for the truth and embrace the message of holiness within and without being preached by our Daddy in the faith.

The First Recipient was Bro. Job Durojaiye. Who returned a whooping sum of N9.3 billion naira which was credited in his First Bank Plc account. He was given a car by our Daddy and a huge sum of money by our mummy in the faith with a big suit case bag full of goodies.

  1. Food Stuff Distribution

As part of the motivational agenda for MFMCF, our Daddy in the Lord gave out food stuffs which was distributed various MFM Campus Fellowships across the nation. Ghana region was not left out also.

  1. Mfm Campus Fellowship Building Structure

Most MFM Campus Fellowship venues started with the use of classrooms, later some graduated to the use of Bamboo structures and tents.  Some also use canopies or use makeshift roof and poles; but rain will always disturb. Some campus fellowships started to acquire land and build on it, for example, MFMCF Ado-Ekiti constructed and completed their fellowship building.  This is a relatively big structure that could be used as a Zonal Headquarters of a regular church.

Presently our Daddy in the Lord has built a unique prototype building structure for our campus fellowships in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (in 2013), Igbinedion University Okada, (2015).  The Prototype structure in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo is on-going.  The General Overseer is also sponsoring the Construction of an Auditorium building at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, University of Ilorin, Kwara State Polytechnic, Kwara and Completion of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ijebu – Ode.

The General Overseer has also sponsored numerous acquisition of land for our campus fellowships, Purchase and distribution of Musical equipment & Public Address System, Scholarships, Payment /Subsidy of tuition fees and sponsorship of various programmes organized by the campus fellowships.


Up till now, the efforts of the group have been majorly channelled towards providing Logistics and Administrative support to MFM Campus Fellowships across the country. These include construction of worship centres, procurements of Evangelism buses and musical instruments amongst others.

In the face of the enormous challenges facing the present-day students in the tertiary institution, coupled with the drive to take the MFM Campus Fellowship to a greater height, it has become highly important to expand the scope of our responsibilities as stewards in God’s kingdom, especially in MENTORING and PASTORAL capacities.

After a careful consideration of the peculiar needs of most of our students, it has been decided that four (4) units should be constituted to develop capacities to handle responsibilities regarding the following areas of importance:

  1. Tertiary academic excellence unit
  2. Christian courtship, relationship unit
  3. Post-tertiary career progression, skills acquisition and talent development unit
  4. Spiritual growth & development

Terms of Reference for Each Unit

Breakdowns of the “Terms of Reference” of the above Sunits are expatiated below:

  1. Tertiary Academic Excellence Unit
  2. Responsible for ensuring quality Academic seminars are organized and administered in various campuses based on identified needs/requests for such by campus fellowships.
  3. Provision of guidance and counselling on strategies to achieve outstanding Academic performances by our students in Tertiary Institutions.
  4. Assistance in resolving Academic-related challenges of individual students, when the need arises.
  5. Liaising with appropriate school authorities in resolving identified/reported academic challenges on behalf of our students in various tertiary institutions.
  6. Christian Courtship, Relationship and Marriage Unit
  7. Provision of guidance and counselling on issues of Christian Relationship and courtship to our youths, both on individual and collective basis.
  8. Imparting the youths with the requisite and rudimentary knowledge of what Christian courtship, relationship and marriage entails both on individual basis and in the form of a seminar.
  9. In-depth teachings on the Holy Spirit inspired steps and strategies on discovering God’s will in marriage and eventually settling for the RIGHT partner in marriage.
  10. Provision of In-depth teachings and guidance on how to run a successful Christian courtship, especially emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.
  11. Post-Tertiary Career Progression, Skills Acquisition and Talent Development Unit
  12. Provision of guidance and counselling on post-tertiary career development, aimed at ensuring that our youths realize their career dreams.
  13. Organizing seminars on skills acquisition and talent development for our youths, to serve as an enhancement to academically acquired knowledge, skills and technical know-how.
  14. With special focus on Final-year brethren across MFM Campus Fellowships, this unit will drill down on how they can quickly maximize their potentials to immediately starting earning, given the situation of unemployment in the country, while trusting God for greater open-doors.
  15. Providing the necessary mind-opening orientation and guidance on post-graduate studies and professional trainings and certifications, with the aim of empowering our youths to become very competitive candidates in the Labour Market, across various industries in the Nigerian economy.
  16. Spiritual Growth & Development Unit
  17. Saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the steady but meaning spiritual growth of our youths in the areas of the knowledge of the “Word of God”, Prayers and Fasting, Engaging in aggressive evangelism and understanding the importance of serving God in one capacity or the other while still on campus and after school.
  18. Organizing seminars focusing on in-depth teaching of the Word of God.
  19. Providing encouragement to our youths on the need to discover the dimension of God’s Grace upon their lives in the form of what God has called them to do in his vineyard.

d.            Providing guidance to our youths on how to develop their spiritual potentials and God’s grace bestowed upon them, such that they will be able to fulfil their individual ministerial callings, even after school.

MFM Campus Fellowship Internation Headquarters